We need student…

“We need students who can learn how to learn, who can discover how to push themselves and are generous enough and honest enough to engage with the outside world to make those dreams happen.” Seth Godin in Stop Stealing Dreams


This is my first blog and I am a bit nervous about starting this project. It’s my attempt to communicate with those friends and family that support my endeavors in Africa. Yep, Africa from Southern California to Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique and other places. It’s crazy to think that this is what I am doing with life after kids. The best part is that my husband of 36 years, is part of this adventure. Many of you know that he is now a driving force and the better communicator out of the two of us!

With only a couple of months until our departure for Kenya I am beginning to get anxious about all the training modules we need to create and write. Not anxious in a bad way but in a good way…excited, pumped…ready to get them rolling. We are covering two schools in August. One school will be testing out Level Four training and the other will work through Level Two topics.  Someday I will share with you all the topics we cover. But for now – would you pray for creativity and sticktoitiveness??  I need to get rolling!!!!

The quote from Seth Godin is something that I read this week and really speaks to my hope that the teachers we work with will be the new voices for education in Africa. Pray that these teachers will find their sphere of influence enlarged!!!

Well, that’s enough for you to read for this first blog….:)))) love ya!!

A follower of Jesus seeking to be His hands and feet.